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i don't do free 'audits' like other seo's.

The answers you need from one SEO expert. 

Many SEOs and agencies will try to lure you in with a ‘free audit’. 

This is data pulled from software and a whole bunch of numbers that mean nothing at all unless you know what they mean. It’s a useless exercise that is designed to get you to purchase their services.

My SEO & marketing review videos are handcrafted with actionable advice on your website and business. You receive a comprehensive video breaking down your SEO strategy and what specific steps you need to take to dominate search.

My videos are unique and packed with value and specific details to skyrocket your rankings.

Real advice from an expert, NOT a tool.

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How does it work?

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"Joey’s video was just what we needed to tip the scales. After implementation of his suggestions, we secured the #1 spot on a national scale."

"I couldn’t be more fortunate to have been linked up with Joey. He provided an in-depth, concise SEO audit with actionable feedback. The video he provided walking me through step-by-step was an excellent personal touch as well. Joey’s video was just what we needed to tip the scales. After implementation of his suggestions, we secured the #1 spot on a national scale."
Ryan Meighan
Insane Impact
“Before speaking to Joey I didn’t think about the SEO or anything to help boost my work. But now thanks to him I am more aware of the essentials to help push me forward. Joey is fantastic, he knows what he is talking about and deserves huge credit. It’s thanks to him my work has improved greatly.”
Geraint Perry
Geraint Perry Film & Photography
"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Joey for his extremely valuable expertise. He pointed out some areas we could improve on. Most importantly by implementing these changes, it worked with immediate effect. Joey was a fabulous mentor, explaining everything with step by step instructions, which was easy to understand. If you need some help in this area, don’t hesitate to take some advice from Joey."
Kelly Castell
The Hair Lounge Rossett
"Joey was great at talking to me in a way that was easy to understand whilst getting the point across. Extremely knowledgable and the insight as to where my website is and where it could be is very valuable"
Andy Gallanders
Bank Street Social
"Joey's video was instrumental in increasing our website visitors and sales. We're now much more visible to our ideal audience on search engines and are seeing the effects of that every day."
Linden Motors
“I signed up for Joey’s website review and I can’t stress how important it is to get an outside view point on yourself. Everything he said was exactly right and I now have a much clearer goal to aim towards. Thanks Joey!”
Adam Bradbury
Aim For The Stars
"Joey is brilliant! His free website review was exactly what I needed to push forward on some attainable SEO fixes for improved rankings. I knew I had some SEO issues to work on but felt overwhelmed on where to start. His review was clear, easy to follow, and has given me the confidence to improve my website. Thanks, Joey!!"
Daniel Sicolo
Art + Parcel

How does it work?

  • Request your review and answer a few short questions so I know about your aims, competitors, and more.
  • Sit tight for a few days! I’ll take all the ingredients and figure out EXACTLY what you need to do to achieve your desired results. 
  • You’ll soon receive your video on a private link that allows you watch at any time, as many times as you want.
  • Book a follow up call at your convenience to discuss your free review and I can answer any questions you may have.

“If you want to grow on search, this will be the most valuable step you take towards SEO success.

Joey Burdon
Search Engine Optimisation

What's included in the SEO review?

Backlink Analysis

Analysing your current backlink profile can tell me a lot about your website and its ability to perform on search. I'll take a look at your current backlinks and maybe even uncover some new opportunities.

Technical SEO Fixes

Keeping your own house in check before making extensive on-page or off-page changes is the right way to begin. My video review will discover any potential issues that may stop your website from ranking.

Keyword Analysis

Choosing the wrong keyword phrases to focus on can mean missing out on sales, leads and potentially huge traffic numbers. I'll look at keyword opportunities and where you should focus.

Content Strategy

I will identify content gaps and opportunities for you, as well as assisting in how to organise your existing content better. Relevant and quality content is amazing Google food and you need a solid strategy.

Competitor Analysis

My advanced SEO competition research will discover what SEO strategies have contributed your competitor's success,and how we can reverse engineer them successfully to beat them!

Tips For More Traffic, Leads & Sales

My years of experience paired with defined implementation guidelines on video will give you a clear path for SEO success. The value in this free video can be eye-opening.

What happens after you receive your free SEO video review?

I don’t just leave you hanging after receiving your free video review.

You also get a free follow-up call with me to answer any questions about your SEO video and clarify any instructions or advice I may have given.

If you want to grow on search, this will be the most valuable move you ever make for your business.

Many businesses and startups who signed up for my free SEO and marketing review have seen crazy results like ranking #1 nationwide. 

Whilst most decide to continue working with me further after receiving their video, you are not obligated to use any of my services. My website and marketing review videos are completely free of charge. 


Whilst submitting your request, I will ask a few questions to see if your business is suitable for the free review. If you don’t meet the criteria, I will let you know.

Due to the volume of requests I get for the free website and marketing reviews, I’m unable to provide free video reviews to businesses that do not meet one or more of the criteria.

No. There is no obligation. My SEO & marketing videos are completely free of charge.

Each review outlines a list of recommended actions to improve your digital marketing, traffic, leads and sales. These are tasks that you could theoretically complete – but will take much longer without the right prior experience.

If you need help in implementing my suggestions, then you can let me know on your free follow up call.

Many businesses have improved their rankings from my free review alone. Others have needed extra assistance in implementing my suggestions which then provides significant results.

Your free video will typically be between 5-15 minutes depending on the website.

Due to the popularity of my free videos, there can be a minimum three working day wait for the delivery after making your request. I aim to deliver the video within 7 working days, but this can sometimes take longer if there is an influx of requests.

I make the instructions very clear in the video and as jargon free as possible. In your free follow up call I can clarify further. If you are still stuck, you can either have me implement the plan for you, or I can teach you how to do it!

This stuff doesn’t need to be as complicated as others make it out to be. By delivering these suggestions on video, I can explain everything step by step so you can refer back to it at your own pace. It’s more helpful than just receiving an automated document.

Other audits you get from agencies for free, Fiverr or SEO’s are simply an automated report pulled from a software. They are literally useless and are just designed to scare you with a bunch of red numbers into purchasing services.

This is a personalised video review from a real person, NOT a tool.

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